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Pulling her backwards, he made her fall into his embrace as his left arm securely wrapped around her waist. Her eyes widened from surprise at his sudden boldness. She let out a gasp when his warm lips sent tingles down her spine trailing gentle kisses on her neck.


"What?~ I told you like fishes need bait to get hooked up from the waters. You've captured me and now you need to take responsibility and eat me!" his arms hugged her body closely.


He stayed inside of her as they gasped for breath. "It felt so good inside of you," he whispered. "Mmnn.. and it felt really good for me.." she replied. They smiled joyfully and shared a kiss before he pulled out of her vagina. He wore his boxers, and switched on the lights to get her some water. When he turned around to ask if she needed a warm towel, he noticed the bedsheets were stained by blood.


"Alright." Chen Mu's voice rung the ears of the audience as they heard hurried footsteps from somewhere above. It was too dark to see anything or anyone. Once the special lighting were turned on and the room darkened to give the highest-quality effect, Susu held the rose bud and let it do its trick for the audience. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


Professor Luo Xia spoke into the microphone, "Anyone can take that stolen work and keep the sketches and then add on a tag. Can you present anything physically related to the design like Yin, Susu showed us for hers? Every designer has their own ways to engrave their initials or signature to their designs. Why don't you show us yours? Unless you want to say that the Paris Academy only taught you so much."


Everyone thought that Susu would show them a personalized tag on the back of her design, but once again, they were mesmerized by Susu's gift in design. Lily took off the ring-bracelet that she was wearing and signaled an "okay" sign in the air. Once Chen Mu received the signal, he instructed the staff to redirect specific lights towards Lily's direction and dimmed down the rest of the room lights.

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This day has finally arrived. They were this close to hunting down the main culprit behind the labs; how could they give up now? Ariana gripped Chen Nan's hand tightly as she recalled the night that she never wished to talk about.


Their confessions were quite moving, but for those who were sitting around them, that was eye candy. Two pretty girls confessing their love to each other with tight hugs. Which guy wouldn't fall for it?


Shen Wen was tired of repeating the same words over and over again. She talked to him about all the times when Susu was suffering in the Yin family and how her father was a weak man against the mother and daughter. She spoke about the times when Susu was clearly enduring, but didn't dare shed a drip of tear in front of her to get her sympathy.


"Huh? But you didn't even drin-... You.. you go back to work!" She blushed, recalling that kiss from earlier. 'He didn't drink the tea! It was from that kiss!'


"What's wrong?" Liang Yu Qing quickly helped her up from the floor and brushed dust particles off her knees.


While she was out today, Chen Mu bought ingredients to make a New Years cake for her. He baked a mufti flavored layer cake with her favorite Chocolate, Red Velvet, and Vanilla flavors as individual layers and homemade Passionfruit Cream as a coat on top. On top of the cake was neatly cut strawberries creating a heart shape and a chocolate sign in the center with his script writing, "My 2020 vision is you."


She turned around and saw his affectionate filled gaze watching her. Blinking innocently for a few times, she walked in front of him and waved, "Helllo? Anyone home? Home to Chen Mu~~"



Her lips parted, permitting his intrusion once again as they continued making out in his office, ignoring the humans outside of his office. His hands dropped down to her waist, feeling her enticing curves. He caressed her ass and felt its firmness against his palms, making him crave to feel her bare skin against his body.



Lin Que went through each treatment and IV infusions that Susu was required to have for today's chemotherapy treatment. Since Lily and Ariana were eagerly waiting for them to get out of the room so that they could accompany Susu during the treatment, the guys decided to let the girls have their time alone.


Lily smiled, "Hello my darling! What's up? How are you two doing? Have you made a move yet? Last time I got some juicy news was about you pinning him down and kissing him~ I was so proud of you!"


Her sudden entrance melted the frost temperature around Chen Mu's office. Traces of warmth lingered in his gaze as he watched his girl standing up for herself. Not only did she have the confidence to come out of her shell against her family, she claimed him as her man in front of them.

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